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Rising Stars: Meet Laurie Tennessen

Rising Stars: Meet Laurie Tennessen

Jon Tennessen and Craig Machholz opened Von Hanson’s Meats in Monticello, MN in 2000. Having great employees in place at the store and looking for a new challenge, Jon and Craig explored many avenues and landed on snacks. Von Hanson’s Snacks was born in October 2017 and our production plant in Becker, MN became operational, producing and distributing seasoned pretzels to taprooms in the Twin Cities and then to greater MN. In 2018 we grew out of MN, distributing regionally. The pandemic brought online boutiques to our customer base which gave us exposure throughout the lower 48. We now have customers across the U.S. and in the US Virgin Islands!

The growth we’ve experienced meant expansion of facilities and staff. A 5000 sq ft warehouse was added to the current facility and an adjacent property was purchased in September of 2020. A 2nd production machine was up and running fall of 2022 and plans are in the works for a significant expansion of space and equipment.

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